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  • Master's Programme in Tourism

    Worldwide, tourism is seen as a tool to create new jobs and economic growth. To develop a successful destination requires extensive insights into complex socio-economic and political contexts that affect tourism, at local, regional, national and international level. Less
  • Master of Science Programme in Development Studies

    What will I study?This programme is an interdisciplinary  programme in social sciences, which deals with key issues in development as well as different theoretical perspectives to increase your understanding of the preconditions for and content of development. The objective of the programme is to provide you with the background knowledge and concrete skills to understand, assess and work in development-related fields, whether in direct poverty reduction or in other aspects of social and institutional development.The medium of instruction is English. This means that lectures and seminars will be given in English and that examinations (including the master's thesis) will be in English.During the third term (third semester) you are free to choose to do an internship, exchange studies, or take elective courses. You will be given ample opportunities for developing your intellectual capacities, expanding your skills and competencies, building up your network, as well as preparing for your life after your master's, whether your goal is to stay in academia or find work in NGOs, the private sector or the public sector.What happens after the programme?After completing the Master of Science Programme in Development Studies, you will acquire a degree of Master of Science in Development Studies (120 credits), with a major in one of the following disciplines: Gender Studies, Development Studies, Human Geography, Education, Political Science, Social Work, Social Anthropology, Sociology, or Sociology of Law. The major corresponds to the major in your Bachelor's degree.The programme in development studies will prepare you for PhD studies as well as for a career in a role as policy maker, trainer or practitioner, in government agencies, private firms and NGOs.For further information, please refer to our website or send us an email: to apply?To be eligible for one of our programmes you must have a Bachelor's degree in one of the following Social Sciences majors: Political Science Sociology Social Work Social Anthropology Education Gender Studies Sociology of Law Development Studies Human GeographyWe ask you to include a Statement of Purpose in your application.Please see our website for detailed instructions on how to apply:

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  • Master Programme in Music Performance - specialization: Classical Musician

    After the artistic bachelor's degree, you can deepen your knowledge by studying for an artistic master's degree. Less
  • Master's Programme in Marketing

    This programme provides you with an in-depth understanding of the role of marketing in the overall corporate strategy, knowledge of consumer behavior and competitive analysis, and experience in making executive-level decisions. It is possible to study abroad for onesemester and many students chose to do internship. Sustainability and internationalization is an integral part of the educational environment. After the program you will be able to work with management in companies and organizations. Less
  • Game Design & Technology Master's Programme

    The Game Design and Technology programme is uniquely customized to fit companies’ needs for highly skilled programmers understanding the importance of gameplay and user experience. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical group projects, students are given the skill set need to work within either game companies or other technical companies developing interactive simulations, but also supporting those that wish to start their own game studios.Building on international research in games and computer science with over a decade’s experience in programming course related to games, the international master programme Game Design and Technology provides students with the necessary technical skills to develop and expand game engines that are customized towards the gameplay needs and wishes of players and gamers.The creation of modern computer and video games relies heavily on the development of high performance game engines that let players experience a rich and meaningful gameplay. This can range from having hyper-realistic renderings of dynamic environments through complex procedural generation of massive game worlds, to distributed real-time systems with complex physics-based animations. In all these cases, the success and enjoyment of a game need to be built on a robust and efficient implementation of a game engine.The Game Design and Technology is built to provide students with these skill sets, allowing them to both work in the game industry and in other technical industries that make use of highly complex and interactive simulations and animations, e.g. the automotive industry and companies making extensive use of virtual reality systems.The core courses in the Game Design and Technology programme provide students with the skills required to build both small and large game engines together with an understanding of how to find, test, and evaluate gameplay suitable for the intended target audience.Based on this foundation, the elective courses available to students give them a wide range of possible technical specializations they can focus on or a chance to strengthen skills in design or user experience. Examples of elective courses include Algorithms for Machine Learning and Inference, Compiler Construction, Fluid Mechanics, Information visualization, Mobile Computing, Real-Time Systems, and User analytics. The education finishes with master thesis projects during which students can either work practically at companies with research topics or explore them more theoretically in an academic environment.

  • Master Programme in Global Health

    The Master Programme in Global Health prepares you for work with global health issues. Course participants, who come from all over the world, will receive knowledge and skills to analyse global health problems and to develop and evaluate interventions in order to improve public health. Our focus lies within global child health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, global nutrition as well as public health issues connected to disasters. The programme leads to a Master of Medical Science (120 credits) with Global Health as the main field of study. Less