City Focus: why study in Berlin, Germany?

City Focus: why study in Berlin, Germany?

The German capital is one of most happening cities in Europe right now. In this ‘City Focus’, we speak to Berlin School of Business and Innovation’s Beate Appel on what makes study in Berlin a fantastic option for students from all over the world.

Berlin is a city of nouns and adjectives.

‘Ancient’ and ‘modern’, ‘lively’ and ‘stoic’, ‘German heart’ and ‘world spirit’, ‘now’ and ‘tomorrow’.

Berlin is a particular hotspot for innovation and modernity. Residents of the capital tend to be liberal, tolerant, cosmopolitan, and eager to try out new things, more so than anywhere else in Germany. And new and creative ideas need available and affordable space to grow and develop.

In addition, the German higher education system is liberalising. It is transforming into a vivid, diverse, landscape that spans across both private and public spheres.

Berlin is also keeping up with the high standards of German education. The city is a world-renowned university location with a high concentration of science and research institutions. Berlin welcomed 187,000 students in 2017, which is 3.8% higher than the previous year.

Study in Berlin? Here’s why Berlin needs you

The German industry, personified by Berlin, is known for promoting product and industry quality, as well as technology leadership. There are numerous reliable products and prestigious companies hosted by Berlin, such as Leica, Mercedes, KUKA, SAP, Adidas, Siemens and Bosch and Siemens are global leaders in their field – but the city’s blooming industry is only the tip of the iceberg.

Like any thriving city, Berlin craves for the young talent to take up the job market and carry on the wave of innovation and creativity.

By 2025, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of six millions employees in Germany alone, and the capital beckons for the young and enthused to visit, stay, and make home and business there. In addition, the start-up scene in Germany is underdeveloped, so there is a high potential to start your own business and study in Berlin helps students access this hub for the nation.

There is also a shortage of qualified academics in the country, which leaves more opportunities for those hoping to build an academic career.

Germany might not be easy on you, and German culture might feel alien at first to foreign students seeking to start their lives and careers here – for instance, you will be expected to behave, to be correct, and punctual. You might feel sometimes that Germans don’t take things easy (“wir verstehen keinen Spass”), and that they have a specific way to process everything. In the end, however, Berlin is a truly welcoming and safe place. It is safe for your job and safe for you studies, with the Berliners eager to welcome all who come to work hard to make their fortune and study the world from a Berlin classroom.

It is not just a “safe” choice… study in Berlin is exciting

The massive potential for students in Germany is concentrated in opportunities to study in Berlin – a base of opportunity for learning, working, and living.

With 187,000 inbound students, Berlin lives to ensure its history is preserved and that the future is ready for young people looking to take every opportunity. 180 museums attract from the world-over, filling this city nine-times the size of Paris with people of all ages, whilst the city’s younger generation follow their ears to the nightlife Berlin is increasingly renowned for.

The nightlife sparkle is only surpassed by the greenery of the city. With parks and gardens refreshing the urban atmosphere and beautifying the already magnificent cityscape, Berlin is a capital that appreciates the importance of accessible green spaces and environmentally –responsible transport. The 173 subway stations (Berlin U-Bahn) mean that the city can be explored and commuted through, unless you prefer to travel by bus, bike-it (via Berlin’s regular rent-a-bike stations), or simply to stroll through the beautiful historical streets that have been trodden for hundreds of years.

Ultimately, Berlin is a city made for students; to study, work hard, and to love.