Student Focus: Durham University’s Arshjit Saini

Student Focus: Durham University’s Arshjit Saini

In this edition, MasterAbroad Student Focus Durham spoke with Arshjit Saini, a computer science student at Durham University, on his career goals and aspirations.

Arshjit Saini completed an International Foundation Year in Science and Engineering at Durham University International Study Centre and is now studying BSc (Hons) computer science at Durham University.

Student Focus Durham – Arshjit Saini

“My uncle, who’s currently in America, works for Apple and he’s a computer scientist himself. So I was with him last summer, and I went to Apple and saw what he did and how he did the work, and it motivated me to study computer science at degree level. My uncle and his colleagues are solving problems in real-time and getting updates to users. It’s cool. I thought that I can do it, and I’ve also learnt a few computer languages myself in the meantime.

“My uncle is my biggest inspiration because he was from a very small village in India, with very few facilities, and electricity problems. Yet he studied and got a job in the US after doing his Masters. Even though he specialised in electronics, he then completely switched his branch to computer science and did a Masters, and now he’s doing a very high-level job.

“In the university, there’s a great amount of diversity – this means I have friends from South Korea, Russia, and Azerbaijan. I’ve never had friends from these countries before and they all study different subjects. It’s really useful preparation for the world of work as it teaches you to work with a diverse group.

Study abroad is a boon for Indian students

Arshjit’s story is one of aspiration, and shows that the opportunity to study abroad opens doors for students from India.

“I want to specialise in artificial intelligence, because that’s the next big thing. And I am hoping that I get a job somewhere in a big artificial intelligence company such as NVidia.”