Student Focus: LSE’s Aakarsh and Adhikar Naidu

Student Focus: LSE’s Aakarsh and Adhikar Naidu

Two brothers from Bangalore took the decision to pursue their Business Master abroad with a greater purpose in mind; to develop the entrepreneurial education landscape in India. We look at MasterAbroad’s latest Student Focus LSE – Aakarsh and Adhikar Naidu.

Student Focus LSE: The Startupreneur brothers

Aakarsh and Adhikar Naidu believe businesses have a responsibility to give back to society. Taking this as their mantra, these brothers have used the knowledge gained from their studies at the London School of Economics (LSE) Department of Management in the UK, to launch a joint initiative which helps home-grown Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups to have a positive social impact. They call it: ‘The Startupreneur’. The initiative aims to educate and assist budding business talent by training teachers and students to understand the opportunities and challenges involved with launching an enterprise, emphasising the need to act with a social conscience and innovate with a purpose.

“We intend to make people realise that start-ups are not only about raising million dollar funds, but also about creating an impact on millions of lives either through solving a genuine market need or providing gainful employment” comments Aakarsh.

Studying abroad at the LSE Department of Management enabled the brothers to create a global network of contacts that they are now able to make use of back in India, as they do all they can to help other promising, socially responsible enterprises to thrive as they have. Since graduating, Aakarsh has mentored over a hundred start-ups and conceptualised programs which are now having an impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem both nationally and globally.

International education provides global exposure

“LSE provided global exposure. Their Department of Management gave us access to some of the most talented brains in the world and friendships that now span across continents. Our parents have been our biggest source of inspiration; encouraging us always to think big and pursue our dreams of studying there,” says Adhikar.

Whilst at LSE, Adhikar fulfilled the role of student representative for his class and recently delivered a guest lecture in the Google India office explaining the potential and impact of emerging technologies on industries such as financial services, retail and mobility.

Aakarsh has been in charge of the initiatives for one of India’s top Startup Incubators; NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore. As a Startup Ecosystem Enabler, he has supported in the foundation of various E-Cells and Incubators across the country. He is on the advisory panel of the Global Startup Awards, Small Enterprise Business Awards and has participated in the unveiling of the Startup India Action Plan in Delhi. Aakarsh is a regular speaker on startups and has presented on platforms like Asia Pacific week, NITI Aayog, Headstart, Nasscom, Startup Asia Berlin and Bosch to name a few. He has appeared in various national and international media outlets such a Les Echos, The Good Life to name a few.

Study abroad made entrepreneurship possible

The brothers’ combined expertise and global reach gained from their international education, has allowed them to return to India equipped with the ability to make a real difference, developing the entrepreneurial education ecosystem in India at the grassroots level and creating impact ‘on-ground’.

Aakarsh, graduated in 2011 with a Masters qualification in Management, International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management. Adhikar graduated in 2017 with a Masters qualification in Management, Information Systems and Digital Innovation.