Student Focus Rouen: NEOMA’s Shatabdi Roy

Student Focus Rouen: NEOMA’s Shatabdi Roy

In this edition of MasterAbroad’s Student Focus Rouen, NEOMA Business School’s Shatabdi Roy tells us how best to adapt to life in France as an Indian student.

Student Focus Rouen: NEOMA’s Shatabdi Roy

Life is full of experiences; try to make the most of them. Moving abroad is a totally new feeling compared to travelling. By staying in a foreign land you will be both surprised and shocked at every step. Let me give you some tips which I learned while staying here, in France.

Get your paperwork in place!

While you are getting ready to travel, make a to-do list. Besides doing the paperwork like getting visa and insurance, make sure to remember to pack a few essential and probably basic things.

When it comes to food and cooking, pack things like a pressure cooker (it’s a saviour), Indian spices and not to forget a pickle jar which is helpful in every situation and can be counted as a comfort food when you are away from your family and miss home food. You can buy these things in Paris, but if your institution is outside of the capital city, it can be difficult. Rice daal/sambhar and pickle is the best combination ever!

Don’t forget your universal adapter as the electrical system in France is completely different to India. Europe is a large continent and the weather varies depending on the region. You need to pack suitable clothing for the area you’re in; Google can help you to get a fair idea about it. Unless you want to deal with arranging those things when you get here, come prepared.

Pick up some conversational French

As it’s a totally new country be ready for some cultural shock. Everybody in France feels quite comfortable speaking English, and I have followed English classes here. But it’s always good to greet people by saying “bonjour”. So when people greet you, don’t be taken aback if they say it, but reply to them by saying ‘bonjour’ too!  

At NEOMA business school, you never feel alone or homesick as there are so many activities with a minimal fee you are always welcome to check out. The school also organise trips to nearby places like Asterix Park, Mont-Saint-Michael and more.

When I went on a trip, which was organised by NEOMA Business School for GIVERNY, the organisers took care of everything including travel. The fees were minimal and we had lots of fun, I loved it! So don’t worry you will always have someone on your back. You just need to make sure you make the most of those trips.

The best part of studying in France; you will get holidays in almost every season (be it spring, summer, autumn or winter)!

Enjoy your study abroad experience!

Moreover, I find people here are friendly so whenever there’s a chance of meeting new people or making new connections, it’s definitely worth embracing it! Don’t just sit in your room and expect people to come to you.

A good tip is to never to forget to check your emails and use the social media service, Yammer, as they will give you all the information you need regarding what’s happening in school. You will also get notifications via email of parties happening nearby. My suggestion is to definitely go to those parties to get acquainted with others and enjoy your stay to the maximum degree!

The world is not in your room or on your computer. It’s out there. Meet people, know the culture and find yourself. All you need to do is open your door. All the best for your experience!